Coastal Service  


            Created by the association E.S.T.R.A.N., the Coastal Service acts in favour of the coastal environnement between Le Tréport & Veules les Roses (Seine Maritime) for the local authorities. The eleven people employed by the Coastal Service work on 60 km zone according to four main lines :

-         Anti-pollution watch (clearing up of beaches and port, removal of illegal garbage dump close to the shore, sorting out of jetsam).

-         Upkeeping and improvement of natural sites (creation, re-opening and maintenance of coastal public footpaths, maintenance of paths leading to the sea, putting up of signposts).

-         Information & awareness campaigns through exhibitions & educative activities about environnement.

-         Follow-up of the environment (follow-up of the cliff erosion, follow-up of macro-refuse pollution, studies on illegal garbage dumps close to the shore (stocklist, location & characterisation), putting into relation meteorological information and beach pollution…).


E.S.T.R.A.N. offers therefore to the local authorities management and maintenance skills as well as fielwork for the protection of the environment. The problems are treated from the source through information and awareness campaigns. The result achieved by the Coastal Service since 1998 speak for themselves and prove the use of the actions that have been undertaken.