The biodiversity and the presence of species near the shore or down on the sea-bottom is not the result of chance but depends on the ecosystem .

The ecosystem is different according to a certain number of  factors: the type of substrate: sand, gravel or rocks; the temperature, salinity and plankton richness of the water; the tide cycle , the currents and the presence or absence of pollution.


Fish are cold-blooded animals and their activity depends on the temperature of the sea .

There are flat fish, bony fish, cartilaginous fish, fusiform fish….

 The various species: fish, seashells, crustaceans, or cephalopods can filter plankton or graze seaweeds,  eat their fellow creatures or feed on dead animals . This is the food chain.


Now, you are going to come into the aquariums and you can let yourself go into the marvels of the marine world.: turbot, dog fish , lobster, cod, whiting, sole, cuttlefish, spider crab….